“Our Mission — TechnoServe helps entrepreneurial men and women in poor areas of the developing world to build businesses that create income, opportunity and economic growth for their families, their communities and their countries.”

Our Approach — Climbing out of poverty in the developing world takes more than hard work; it takes economic opportunities. Entrepreneurs create these opportunities by identifying and capitalizing on good business ideas. TechnoServe helps them turn their visions into reality.”

In Mozambique, Technoserve has several projects (see the website for more details).  First, Technoserve supports an agriculture project that focuses on rebuilding the cashew industry. (To read more about the impact of the cashew industry in Mozambique, click here for English).  Second, because Mozambique has a climate where tropical fruits grow in abundance, Technoserve is helping to develop the quality of the industry by linking farmers to markets and by teaching farmers more about value-added products.  Third, Technoserve is supporting the Mozambican poultry industry.  Shifting gears from agriculture Technoserve is also working with the Mozambican tourism and alternative energy sectors.

I will be working on a baseline survey for an agro-forestry project in the North that aims to better understand the role for poultry productive and tree plantations in rural development.  The blog will update you on developments throughout the summer.


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