final musings

When I started blogging again this summer and found myself liking it much more than before I had kind of hoped to continue this blog throughout this year – but as the year gets underway and I find so little time to blog I am unsure how much I’ll actually get up.  So, for now, let me put up so final thoughts on the summer.

I started off the summer with four goals.  First, I wanted to back in southern Africa, but somewhere other than Zambia.  Second, I wanted to be working on a project that looked at small business development and the viability of that as a development tool.  Third, I wanted to be working with women and thinking about how I might be able to include working on gender in my idea for what to write for my SYPA (second year policy analysis – our thesis, of sorts).  Fourth, I was interested in program evaluation and thought it might be useful to hone my skills in surveying and statistical analysis.

It’s a little amazing to me how much I was able to accomplish all of those things this summer.  In listening to different classmates who had varied experiences I can’t help but be thankful to WAPPP and the funding they were able to offer and to Technoserve and the right project they had at the right time.

I loved the chance to get to explore new parts of southern Africa, a new organization, a new language, a new project and it also really helped me think concretely about what position/s I may want to be in after graduation.

Thanks for reading this and about my adventures all summer and I’ll do my best this fall to figure if/how to continue this strange adventure in my (very) public musings!


One response to “final musings

  1. Liked following your travels through Mozambique. Like to hear your assessment about what the government of Mozambique could do to promote entrepreneurship and innovation that could lead to small business set up and development.

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