Capulana Dolls

One of the most interesting presentations for me at the workshop (though it had little to do with forestry!) was by a Mozambican woman who has spent a lot of time researching capulanas – the cloth that Mozambican women wear around their waists, on their heads, to carry babies and more – and has started to design dolls that are clothed in the traditional patterns and layers. The dolls were incredible – and I’m hoping to go see some of the ones she sells this week – and it was so much fun to see them in all these African colors and cloths. It seems like such a beautiful and creative way to memoralize a tradition and a culture. Suzert, the designer and researcher, has a dream, I think, to make a museum dedicated to the capulana, which would explain the history, the different regional patterns and traditions, how they’re worn, which are worn at which times etc. I think it would be fascinating to see that and to learn more about the history of the capulana. It didn’t have all that much to do with forestry – but I loved it!


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