a couple of mental images

Sorry it’s been so long since I put up an update – I’ll try to get a real one up shortly.  But until then, a couple images I have in my mind from the last three weeks.

1)  A woodshop outside Kruger National Park with a sign that said “Coffins Sold Here.”

2) A woman tending to her garden early as the sun got warm in the morning on Inhaca Island while talking on her cellphone.

3) A little American boy and a little Swazi boy on the ferry eyeing each other as they tried to figure out if they could share their toys with each for the next two hours of the ride.

4) Two cheetahs sauntering down the road in front of a traffic jam of safari vehicles at Kruger.  They must have been thinking “Why do these humans insist on driving down this road right now?”  Apparently there are 200 cheetahs in the park – so we calculated that we saw 1% of them that day.

5)  The smiles on the faces of two little boys as we gave them the chips we weren’t going to eat the the Maputo Fish Market.

6) A man selling a toy helicopter raising it above the bushes in front of a fancy beach front hotel.  We couldn’t see his hand so it looked like it was hovering!


One response to “a couple of mental images

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts

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